Synthetic diamond electroplated products include machining tools, shaped wheel, grinding blocks, reamers, trepanning tools and needle files of all complex shapes.   They are widely used for machining spare parts, machining tools, dressing and making patterns.

  Diamond electroplated products of all special shapes and sizes manufactured in our plant can be provided to satisfy you in the light of machining requirements.

.Please check the products that you want ,and send us .We will contact you as soon as possible.

Synthetic Diamond Electroplated Products

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Diameter L1 (mm) L(mm) Pcs / set Section Shape
Φ3 50 140 10

Square,   Rectangle,   round,   semi-round,   

 special segment,    triangle 

and any other shapes

Φ4 70 160 10
Φ5 70 180 5, 10


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